Yoga for pregnancy

Yoga Mums Fitness offers a safe yoga practice that will help you test test test  embrace your pregnancy and prepare you physically, emotionally and mentally for the birth of your baby.

You will learn about your body and how it’s changing with every stage of pregnancy and build stability while you carry your baby.Our gentle and safe yoga classes focus on helping to minimise common pregnancy complaints such as heartburn, sciatica, lower back pain, leg pain and insomnia which in turn helps you feel more comfortable as your baby grows.Our classes also give you the opportunity to learn and prepare for the birth of your baby and enjoy some relaxation and meditation that is needed by all Mums.I hope you enjoy the classes! And join our community to connect with other Pregnant Mums!


  • - Introduction
  • - First Trimester
  • - Second Trimester
  • - Third Trimester
  • - Breathing
  • - Meditation